Fishing Reels

Fishing Reel

Every rod requires a suitable reel and it is always advisable to use a reel that balances well with your chosen rod in both overall size and weight. You can always give this a quick check in the tackle shop by fitting the reel to your rod and feeling how balanced the set-up feels in your hand.

Reels come in many sizes and these are usually determined by a number, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 etc. For a 10ft rod you will need no bigger than a 3000 sized reel. This will be well balanced and suitable for both float and feeder/bomb fishing.

Quality of reels varies greatly and it is advisable to go for the maximum number of bearings and best gear ratio in your price point. Other factors to consider include weight and overall construction of the reel. Cheap plastic bodied reels are not going to last very long at but graphite or alloy bodied reels will be more hard wearing.

Again, the Daiwa Matchman range of reels are an excellent starting point and are priced at £40 – £50.

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