Course Fishing Rods

Course Fishing Rods

There are two main types of coarse fishing rod. The first is known as a float, waggler or match rod used to cast a float for fishing your bait at various depths in the water and the second is known as a feeder, bomb or tip rod used to cast a weighted feeder or bomb for fishing your bait on the lake bed.

The main difference between these rods is that the float rod is a straightforward rod and quite supple which allows you to cast out a light float rig with ease. The feeder rod is stiffer and stronger to take the weight of the feeder or bomb on the cast and will feature a separate tip section, usually with a fluorescent painted tip. This sensitive tip section acts like a float and its movements and indications are used for detecting bites on your feeder or bomb rig.

Rods come in various lengths which usually determine the distance you wish to cast to. Standard lengths are 9ft, 10ft, 11ft, 12ft but there are longer and shorter versions available for specific tasks. As a beginner, starting out on a lake or commercial fishery I would recommend that you purchase both types of rod which will allow you to experiment with these two styles of fishing.

A 10ft rod would be an ideal length for fishing on day ticket lakes and commercial fisheries. The shorter length is adequate for casting a suitable distance, is easier to cast than longer rods and minimises getting caught on overhanging trees.

All the tackle companies produce these rods at different price ranges. A good starting price point would be a rod from the new Daiwa Matchman range. At £50 – £60 these are quality rods at an affordable price for a beginner.

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