What is Coarse Fishing?

What is Coarse Fishing

Coarse fishing is a general term used to describe fishing for mixed freshwater species on rivers, lakes and canals. There are many different sub-groups under the course fishing banner and over time, anglers usually find a preferred style of fishing that they like to concentrate on whilst others enjoy more of an all-round approach and enjoy dabbling in many different areas of the sport.

To begin with we will look at mixed species fishing and what gear is required to take your first steps into angling and hopefully, catching your first fish.

When I first discovered angling, access to information was limited to a few weekly or monthly publications and the occasional programme shown on mainstream TV but today, media coverage of angling is now readily available online and the sheer amount of content can be confusing and even misleading to a prospective angler. I see too often, anglers new to the sport setting up specialist equipment to catch fish that could be caught safely and successfully on standard course fishing gear.

Start simple and then once you have caught fish and gained watercraft skills you can think about advancing to a particular genre of the sport and taking things to the next level.

Don’t be bamboozled by the huge range of tackle and baits in the tackle shop when first starting out, use my fishing starter kit guide to begin your angling journey.

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